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Do you accept donations from the Google Play Store?

I am pretty sure I donated to you through the Google Play Store in the past, but I can't find any option that would allow this.


  • A few years ago I did, but that specific Google payment implementation became deprecated and most people used PayPal or Stripe anyways, I also offer Bitcoins. I'll keep this thread open as a suggestion and see if more people are interested in it.
  • I would appreciate being able to contribute by Google payment. Wish more developers made this possible. Is there a financial reason why this is not adopted across the board?
  • @DavidToles If you're signed in your Chrome, I think the Card button payment option looks for a Google Payment, try it or then try from your cellphone here https://jasonsavard.com/contribute
    and let me know if it prompts for your Google Payment
  • I would like to use Google Play Store credit to make payment to you and other programmers. While logged-in on the desktop, the card option takes me to filling in a form for whatever card info I want to enter and use. While trying from a cellphone, your link takes me to make payment using any of the cards I have registered with the store. However, my store credit is still not available to contribute to you. Any ideas? I am going to try to go through the Play Store and see if this route allows using my credit that way. Thanks.
  • FYI - going through the Play Store/Wallet - didn't work for using my Play Store credit to contribute.
  • @DavidToles ;Ahh so I think this Play Store credit is only available for Play Store apps, and my Chrome extensions are not Play Store apps. Does that make sense.
  • Looks that way - Sorry - I assumed there would be no difference between extensions and apps as they are both served up and registered through Google.
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