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Right click not working Gmail in Chrome

I found a bug that occurs when i right click on an email in the email list (it brings up the Gmail menu: Archive, mark as unread etc). Once i do this i cannot right click anywhere else on the page. The regular right click menu does not appear, nothing. For example i cannot right click and spell check a word, or copy an email address.

Thanks for the addon!


  • Can you send me a screenshot of the issue.
  • No problem. 

    Right click here first:

    This disables the ability to right click other areas of the page. No normal right click menu appears:

    If i refresh the page (and as long as i don't right click on the email list). The normal right click menu appears:

    I hope this helps. Thank you again!
  • try disabling my extension to confirm if this is associated to my extension by redoing the test.
  • Sorry Jason! I disabled my extensions one at a time and it is the miniGestures extension. Not yours - that good news!!

  • right click email address will pop up email address to subject, but to email address nothing on it, hope will fix this bug.

  • @yu Kane I noticed you have an old Chrome version 74, try updating it to resolve the issue.

  • i updated 78 same problem

  • @yu Kane ok thanks for the screenshot, so this looks like a Gmail/Chrome issue because that is a standard Gmail compose window that the extension opens. Have you tried googling or clearing cache, or signing and back into your Google account?

  • i did all, may be that's google problem

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