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Record screen disappears

When I want to record a video of the windows desktop, it starts recording but after about 10 seconds the recording notification disappears


  • It's possible it's still recording, you can also click the extension icon to stop the recording.
  • Nope, when I click the extension icon, and click again the record screen button, show me again the "Share your screen" dialog 
  • edited June 2017
    Did this 10sec issue always happen?
    Does it happen if you record the tab or window application etc.
  • In all the options, the notification disappears after 15 seconds. And when I click the extension icon does not show anything, the second click shows the menu again
  • With the extension Screencastify Lite I can record my desktop more than 1 minute 
  • So I was able to repeat the issue then I restart my browser and the issue was fixed, weird, can you try restarting your browser.
  • Nope, I restart my browser and the problem persist, I send you a link with the video recorded with Screencastify Lite
  • I found the issue! and just fixed it in v9.0.2 thank you for all the feedback. Re-install the extension to force the update and let me know.

    My extension was too efficient it automatically unloads itself from memory to save you memory when it's not in use. I now pause that process while you are recording a video.
  • edited June 2017
    it worked very well, thank you
  • the same problem after 10 sec pls fix

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