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Popup notification opens wrong Gmail account

I have 3 gmail accounts on this machine. Accts 1 & 2 are mine and #3 is a family member. Only 1 & 2 are setup under Options. But when mail arrived for #2 and I click the notification, #3 account is opened. The same thing happens when there is no unread mail and I open the extension window and click on the account #2 bar... then account #3 is opened in a browser tab.

I don't want #3 in the extension, as it always has unread messages that aren't mine.

FWIW, I am using manually added accounts.


  • OK... That worked. Anyway to cause that to periodically autosync... say w/browser startup or login? I'm sure to forget this "trick".
  • So simply clicking the sync button worked? without having to resign in etc? please confirm.
    if so then you have an excellent suggestion and I could periodically automate this.
  • All I did was click the triangular "hamburger". After it synced, I opened the extension (2 accounts manually added) and clicked the bar once for each account to open in a tab, and they each opened to the expected account. Account #3 was not opened.
  • Clarification: Those manually added accounts were added some time ago. I did nothing with them today.
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