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Recent Tabs Shortcut not working


I am using the Recent Tab shortcut chrome-extension://ocllfmhjhfmogablefmibmjcodggknml/options.html, which is awesome.

I want to use the shortcut "Command+." to return to the previous tab.  But when I try to enter it, I get this suggestion instead: "META+." in "META+."

So I paste exactly that (including "") in the shortcut box, and it doesn't work.  

Can anyone plz help?


  • Try using method #1 instead  in the options
  • Thanks dude, are you part of the support team?

    i tried that already but prefer to be able to view that list with the last 10 tabs and not just switch between the last 2.

    can you help?
  • I'll take note of the issue, but this is probably OS Mac specific issue.
    ps. I am the developer.
  • Ok thanks,

    i actually thought about trying different combinations of the suggested text such as:

    "META+" in "META+"
    META+ in META+

    plz let me know if you have any other suggestion.

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