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Unread Button - Failing Its Function


The Unread button is actually not setting the read email to Unread.  Upon clicking, it is going to list of emails, there the email is already in unbold titles(means its read).  When we open the popup again, that mail is lost in the Unread list.  I confirmed it by going to gmail.com, there that email was set to read.  I had to open it again and set as unread, then I could see the email listed after opening the popup again.

Lots of users use this feature very often to preview the emails quickly and mark as Unread to check later, at least I do 100+ times a day.  But this is now broken!!

I cannot live without this Unread features.  Until this get fixed, I am probably going to take a copy of its old extension folder from my other laptop and replace in this.  I know this is a mess, but I ended up having no option.

I regret about re-installing this extension!!  I appreciate if you can fix this asap. Thanks!
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