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Switch to Checker Plus - Not Saving The Setting/Click


I want to switch to Checker Plus always, but I have to click on "Switch to Checker Plus" every time?  Why it isn't saving my option in settings?

- Thanks


  • Checker Plus is the default - please re-install the extension.
  • No, its going to Inbox view every time I open the popup.  I don't want this to occupy 60% of my screen space showing emails in big fonts, it's a privacy issue.

    I checked the settings in its local db and I don't see you are actually saving them in it.  This option must have been saved true/false and UI should render the view based on this flag.
  • You seem to be facing setting corruption issue, because I can assure you that Checker Plus is the default view for every fresh install. More details on a solution to the settings: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues
  • I am 100% sure that it was working perfectly fine for several years, but not just after trying re-installing.

    I don't think settings corrupted because it is able to save other options and rendering accordingly.  I even checked the data in the local DB and looks fine, it's a clean json settings.

    Let me try re-installing for the last time and update you back right away.
  • I forgot to say - DO NOT restore your previous settings when you re-install.
  • I did once, but the Loan is really failing, so it must not have referred any old settings.

    Now, this got resolved like a magic now, but I am sure that there should be straight forward validation to control this view.
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