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Load Options Is Failing


The Load Option is failing due sign-in error though I am signed in the Chrome Settings.  Screenshot - http://prntscr.com/fbqdom.

Rather, I would recommend exporting the config/options via json/xml file using HTML5's File System API, so it helps taking back up of it.

- Thanks


  • Load Options fails for me too. I unistalled to fix the slow popup error and most certainly I save optios before uninstall. However Load Options fails after install and even after I restarted Chrome. I'm logged in with the same user and Chrome sync is enabled and is working.

    Error message:

    "error loading options: Could not find any synced data!

    Make sure you sign in to Chrome on your other computer AND this one More info"

  • @T Jakab If next time you see any error in the logs, can you please send them https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Thank you for the tip. Tried to recreate the error but it doesn't happen now. I didn't restart Chrome, only applied my settings manually since I reinstalled the extension.

  • @Jason I reinstalled the extension because it slowed down again. After reinstall sync is not working, I get the same error as on May 23. Restart Chrome didn't help.

    I opened the console but there are no messages. Tried with log level All levels too but still no messages on console.

    I don't think the issue in Issues is related.

  • Do you mean this:


    1) Reinstall the extension.

    2) Close Chrome.

    3) Delete the these cache files:

    That's what I did, reinstalled the extension. Didn't have to delete cache, popup opens in one second now.

  • @T Jakab

    Note, the issue may return unless you follow those delete cache instructions which are just noted in that link below step 3.

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