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Broken experience of Replying emails


The 'Send' button while replying to emails within the popup window is failing to complete the operation, and it remain shows the button label as "Sending...", and never completes.  Here is the screen shot - https://prnt.sc/fbnsa0

On the same issue, after closing that pop-up assuming that the reply would have sent the response, and after opening the popup again it still shows that reply message window on top window as if it is continuing to re-send the draft responses(cached from previous Send attempt), and I have to click on "Dismiss" because the initial response was already out.

These two issues are going on since long and I finally had to report this again.  Hope this will be fixed.

This is with latest Chrome version(58+) on latest Mac Pro laptop 64bit.

- Thanks


  • Have you tried re-installing the extension?
    If it it happens again can you send me error logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • I re-installed thrice now, trying Inbox, Material View option, now finally back to non-inbox view, here I am able to reproduce the same issue again.  Send is still Sending... next pop-up open is showing this - http://prntscr.com/fbqx3a
  • Thanks for the screenshot - but you are using the non-material view. I have stopped supporting this view 1 year ago now - more info https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/1577/about-the-new-material-design-look
  • I understand, and I did disable the Material View, but it is working as expected in a normal view, and in Checker Plus mode, not Inbox one, so whatever features which are common irrespective of themes should be working as expected.  Currently, the Send button issue is with Checker Plus or Non-Inbox mode.  Should this be working?  If not, how the Material view is blocking this feature that is purely a javascript function handling its aspects.

    I see your comment "still choose a "Compact" look in the Menu > Display density" in that link, I don't see that option, where exactly it is?
  • All documentation points to the material view ...

  • I tried some of those view styles, but most of them aren't looking good, too much of bold and large text size, some vertical space being wasted on the left side just for accounts, and we have no control to adjust the font size/styles.

    Please look at this screenshot comparing both views - https://prnt.sc/fc1uhz

    The right one looks so clean and professional with Checker Plus view without Material mode, but the left one with those options looks really bad, especially when we mouse over on email list.

    Also, nobody cares those circle icons on the left side taking so much space.  People use these extensions to get quick preview of emails or other content in a minified format but shouldn't look like desktop/tablet view format.

    Also, we don't need that top big header with its title and too many options just above and below that.  The whole world knows those are your products which are awesome, so it doesn't have to show that in its big title in within small popup window.

    There are my friendly feedback, nothing offensive and trying to help back with those inputs.
  • Everything you mentioned can be done via skins and themes https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
    Many users have created beautiful layouts and you can make it look exactly like the old look with CSS, once your done you can submit it to me and I can share it with everyone.
  • Fine, I will try and update.  But the problem is that majority of the users are not techies to update these themes and css to customize their views, so it would still be worth attempt to modify the default UI to the most acceptable view.
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