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How to hide my email name ?


Before today, i see the notification without my email name,

Is there any way to hide it ?



  • You are having all these issues because you are using an old Chrome version, in the new version that notification windows looks much nicer :)
  • It was working fine. 
  • My warning is that it will eventually stop working "fine" because I keep adding features which require the latest Chrome version and even I and Chrome strongly suggest you update to the latest version for security reasons.
  • Same thing with last version. 
  • Refer to this conversation about those old notifications http://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/216/display-in-black/p1
  • Please, don't tell me to update my chrome, that coz alias, and u can fix it, but thnx :)
  • It's coz your last update 

    16.6 (Mar 11th - 5% of users)

    • The reason my update is looking bad on your old Chrome is because it is an old Chrome notification, this is what it looks like on the updated Chrome
    • Can u give me old version 16.4.1?

    • Thanks to Jessica
      Display email account in notification (Thank you Jessica)

      Please, make a option to hide this, please. 

    • Not all things liked by someone we must like it too, we are humans and we are not the same.
      So, disabling/enabling it will be good. 
    • You can see that email because you are probably signed into 2 or more accounts at the same time,
      I am displaying that email to tell you which account has just received the email.

      If more people make comments on this I will consider making it an option, but I cannot make changes for every user unless it is a popular decision
    • edited March 2014
      Look dear, it was okay, but Jessica make a suggestion and you accepted it. 
      Now, after Jessica suggestion i got angry, coz i don't like it, you added a new thing by suggestion from user, so, i think to be fair you have to make it as option coz it's not a bug and u fixed it, it's suggestion liked by someone not all well liked it i know what email i got message coz i have email for work and another for fun. 

      So, plz give me the old version or make it as option.

    • Actually that feature already existed and for many years :) But it was accidentally removed by me with a recent code change in the last months.
    • So, how to you want to fix this problem ?
    • Tell your friends to write comments about this issue or wait for others to write about it (if they think it is an issue) and the more comments i get then i will add the option, this is how I have been developing this extension for years now.
    • I don't have friends are using this extension for gmail, unfortunately, they using windows program.
       I liked your extension and your work, but now you not helping me, and it's not a big deal, it's just check-box with 2 lines of code. 

    • Except I develop many "other" lines of code for all these reasons ... http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Prioritizing_requests
    • How many users ?
    • But you have to aware about new things by adding them as options, to avoid this kinds of topics.
    • I have too many options that people never use, so I have make wise decisions based on popularity of which ones to keep or use
    • You don't make us happy, 
      Thanks. Bye !
    • Can you tell me which other developers you have contacted who have responded to you as much as this to try to help you, you have created 2 others conversations threads which I have also tried helping you with, please try to understand that I am trying to make every one of my users happy but I have a lot of users and only one me :)
    • edited March 2014
      The problem started by you, your updated. 
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