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can you please help me my phone is hacked they have all my info amd everything making fake accounts

They have total control of what they want me to see i have so much info going back to email and webcam and all kinds of stuff they can cut off my camera and watch what im doimg plz help i have a idea who it is i domt contacted the fbi cia fcc i really need help. Ive done gotten death threats all this is contected with Iraq and Pakistan. The person that has contact with them is wanted by the fbi in the usa and has alot of respect and is well known with high intelligence from their companies. Please im begging you plz help me they have total control over my life


  • I believed u helped that person cause as i was doing thing to my phone for some reason u came up as my google contact and everything i was doing and installing to fix the bugs and stuff they causing they was talking to you abkut how to go about fixing theirs. 3 weeks ago i installed fire fox and stuff to stop the third traffic and bugs and they just got over on that to they control my emails everything . please help me im begging u
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