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Use chrome.desktopCapture for better "Grab the entire screen"

I suggest to use the chrome.desktopCapture API to improve the functionality of "Grab entire screen". 

Currently, it's necessary to use PrtScr and then click on "Grab clipboard" for capturing areas outside of a tab. It's better solved in Nimbus Screenshot (screenshot type "Browser window" in menu) which is using the chrome.desktopCapture API and providing a better UX by not requiring the PrtScr workaround.

Would there be any downsides to that or is there any reason you haven't considered it so far?


  • i'm looking into right now thanks for the heads up...
  • hmm, so the one down fall is increased permissions the 2nd line would be added and I cannot make it optional and update right now would disable the extension for everyone and request that they accept the increased permissions, oye what to do?

  • oh another question, why don't you use Nimbus instead of my screenshot extension? this is not rhetorical i'm really interested in the feedback.
  • I understand the dilemma of adding a permission. However, this one appears as a very natural and legitimate one if the user sees the popup on update (for a extension whose main purpose is to capture the screen).

    It seems like the optimal solution and the question is if it makes sense to never make use of it. Holding off if you plan to generally use it some time wouldn't have an advantage. At some point, the update must be pushed to existing users. It won't make a difference for all new ones after that.

    I don't want to switch to Nimbus because I trust you a lot more to not abuse the extensive permissions these kind of extensions generally need. There is a sad track record of very popular extensions with "tabs" permissions (=basically everything) which collect and sell browsing histories. I don't remember if it was Nimbus or any of the other screenshot extensions (maybe Awesome Screenshot) which were called out for that practice.
  • edited May 2017
    Great suggestion and even better news, I spent the weekend playing with this API and slowly releasing v9.0 with an easier grab screen and record screen video! It appears the permission can be set as optional.  It was just wasn't documented.

    You can re-install the extension to force the update if you want to try it: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Explain_and_Send_Screenshots_changelog
  • I am speechless ... that is a fantastic update! I need to contribute again.

    You even included all the entries for keyboard shortcuts and screen recording! For certain occasions this could already even replace "Screencastify". If your extension supports video cropping/trimming at some point in the future, I could even rely on it completely for all my screencast/screenshot needs.

    I wasn't aware that "pageCapture" could be included under "optional_permissions" in the Chrome manifest. As you mentioned, it's not documented and the Chrome team should update their docs: https://developer.chrome.com/apps/permissions

    Anyway, the current implementation is great and I think it will appear very privacy focused to the user.

    Just one feedback: I could be wrong, but the "Add 5s delay" actually feels like 3s (maybe you copied some code from "Visible page" where it's 3s). But generally, 5s for "Screen" is a good choice.
  • wow, you are good and indeed I did play around with that 5 vs 3 seconds, but forgot to change the text :) Let's give this update a a few more tests and i'll surely improve on it where possible.
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