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Inbox by Gmail

Dumb ?, is there a way to have Inbox opened instead of Gmail when clicking on a email notification?


  • Yes, but it's global on/off for all clicks within the extension https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Inbox_by_Gmail
  • Got it turned on thanks..It's defaulted to notify for "All mail" and that's literally what i want - i.e. if an email is routed either a system label or one i created I still want the notification - is my understanding correct?

  • You're mixing 2 different statements:
    1) Open links to inbox instead of gmail
    2) Notifications about specific labels like "All Mail"
    These are mutually exclusive, although usually when one uses Inbox they will start monitoring only the Primary label instead of the inbox (class label) yes a bit confusing because inbox in this case is not Inbox by Gmail.
  • sorry..you lost me,...I'm asking to be able to open all notifications in "Inbox" instead of "Gmail" - is that possible and how do i configure?
  • I read that.... Your last forum email displayed a notification and when i clicked on it it opened the entire inbox. 

    1. Will that be the case for all emails no matter what label they are going into?
    2. Anyway to actually open the email in inbox (for quick reply, etc.) versus just going to the inbox?
  • Checker Plus limitations: Inbox by Gmail is new so some functions must remain with Gmail:

    • Cannot open emails directly within Inbox
    • Cannot open Inbox compose window
    • Cannot bundle or snooze yet.
  • any plans to enhance and if so when?
  • once the Gmail team updates their API, the forums have lots of discussions on it ie. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/Kl6QdPBVHQU
  • got it, thanks..that's from 2.5 yrs ago..doesn't sound promising...
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