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Ads are appearing again in Outlook.com. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension but still ads are appearing.

Can you advise please?


  • I pushed an update but all Firefox updates can take between 1 and 20 days because of their slower review process.
  • Thanks Jason. Any chance of doing one for google as well please?
  • No idea whats going on with my chrome then? I have that version installed but still getting the ads :-(

  • can you send me a screenshot of these ads in Chrome?
  • The screenshot i attached is from Chrome. Thanks
  • ok except my extension's popup is covering the outlook.com website - which is what i want to see in it's entirety.
  • Ahh..ok sorry, here you go
  • edited April 2017
    ok thanks, do you have other extensions installed, what are they? can you try disabling them and reload that outlook page.
  • I've noticed something interesting, the ad only seems to appear if the window size is over a certain width? I can make the ad appear or disappear if I adjust the width?

  • that is definitely interesting and a good lead :)
    can you give me more details on what particular sizes cause the issue?
    and what is your screen resolution?
    does the issue happen on other monitors/laptop etc?
  • Ok I have no other extensions installed. I'm on a Mac at the moment, although I was on a PC earlier today with the same issue. I didn't test the window size then but had it on maximum on a 1080p screen. I've found the width issue since trying on the Mac, i'm not sure how i get the window size but its about 2/3rds across a 27" iMac screen with no ads, if I stretch the window further the ad appears. Sorry I can't be more specific 
  • ok let's try to debug this one, can you right click anywhere on the ad and click "Inspect" then use the search (Ctrl+f) and look for  _n_h  
    then send me a screenshot of that layer (similar to the screenshot i sent you below)

  • ok that looks good, and what about way to the right - do you see #primaryContainer code for display:none (note that you must select that _n_h_ node as you did before)

  • One thing i have noticed is that the ad sometimes doesn't appear but just looks like this

  • edited April 2017
    i'm perplexed :( the extension code is there and that display:none should hide the ad layer, when you select that _n_h_ node what do you see highlighted in the webpage? (you probably noticed as you hover over the different nodes that associated parts of the page are highlighted.

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    When I hover over the _n_h bit the ad to the right of the screen highlights and above the ad it shows div._n_h | 305 x 1316

  • Oh by the way i've installed Firefox on my Mac and your plug in works fine.

    I've also uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome but still no luck, may just have to use Firefox for now
  • I'm having the same problem, with the Chrome window maximized I see the ads.  If I shrink Chrome so it doesn't take up the full screen, the ads disappear.

    See my screenshot below, when the window is maximized the #primaryContainer section is missing.

    Can this be fixed?

  • @EricF Excellent info, can I ask what screen resolution you have? I have updated the extension to v5.0.2.2 - reinstall the extension to force it and then reload the outlook page and let me know if the ads are gone.
  • Awesome thanks! I will try the updated extension tomorrow and will get back to you with my resolution..
  • Hi Jason, your update seems to have fixed the issue, thank you. Thanks also to EricF for explaining it a lot better than I could.
  • @Jason thank you very much, the issue is fixed!!  My resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  • Hi Jason, I have same issue with maximized in firefox 53.0  (windowed is fine)

    Same resolution 1920x1080, in outlook.com.

    I cant find v5.0.2.2 for firefox.. am i being blind?
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