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Checker Plus for Gmail with Fx 53

  Icon freezes as shown in the attached file.  When I click on the icon, I receive the following error message.
TypeError: can't access dead object (js/checkerPlusForGmail.js 2010)


  • If I disable and enable the extension, it works for a bit, but then eventually I get the same error.
  • I can't replicate this one, can you narrow down the conditions that might lead to this?
    opening the popup, actioning emails, restarting browser, signing out or into your gmail etc?
    what's your habits?
  • ok, I just reactivated the extension.  Had two emails, read the previews and deleted.  The icon turned back to blue, counter disappeared (normal).  Then got another email, icon turned red, counter showed 1.   I then clicked on the icon, and received:  TypeError:  can't access deal object (js/checkerPlusForGmail.js 2010)  I have to recycle the extension to clear.

  • Excellent details, I have replicated the situation thanks to it and have pushed a fix in v which we must wait for approval by the Firefox team (takes 1 - 20 days) i know crazy
  • Thanks Jason.  I'm not that familiar with the AMO process - but from what I understand, they need to step up their game.  You shouldn't have lengthy delays for approval without some type of process to apply the update manually.  Instead what you get is the potential situation of many people installing an extension with a known bug - sometimes serious, sometimes not.
  • Well that was alot faster than expected.  It posted a few hours ago.  I've tested and appears the issue has been fixed.  Thanks for the fast response.
  • Awesome the Firefox team seems like they are prioritizing my Gmail extension lately as the updates are being approved much faster, yay!
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