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Hotmail - The ext block ads, but does not remove the right column. it used to. help!


  • Can you lower the elements window so that i can see the outlook.com page also.
    and can you select the element that "highlights" the empty area? just keep selecting elements until it's highlited in the page
  • Does this help?  I think i got the 'select the element that "highlights" the empty area".  It highlights the whole thing, not just that column on right.

    Also, When i did delete and re-install, i did not see an option for installing without saved preference. let me know if I can do that somehow and I'd like to try that too.

    Thanks for a very quick response!


  • Can you delete screenshots when done, so no one else can see my private info.  thanks!!
  • edited March 2014
    yes i can delete them after, except that in your screenshot it's selecting the whole page, can you expand that selected line and then continue digging  to find the right side only element?
    sorry but i have to use you because I am not seeing the issue here and it is most probably because outlook has pushed an experimental version just to a few people like you.
  • So I went digging through the entire code to find the extreme right side only element, but no luck so far.  Content Right expans the list of messages, and the read/compose box.  I haven't been able to find the section of code that goes to extreme right.  Should I disable the extension and then look for it?
  • if you feel confortable with it, go ahead but as you can guess now the complexity finding it is probably why my extension is having issue with this particular situation :)
  • I disabled your extension and also the extension for adblock (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom), this let me hover over to the right side and get the following screenshot for you! :)  so proud of myself.

  • ok great work, now i need you to click on the "MainContent" element that's highlighted below in black while still showing me the top part that also circled in black at the top AND i must be able to see the css code on the way right side (as you've done well in your previous screenshot (note: i left the green circle to represent what you had earlier taken in a screenshot as a reference to you)

  • That's not the screenshot I sent.. 
  • Would you like to do a web meeting?
  • edited March 2014
    Correct, it's my screenshot as "an example" for you to recreate the same screenshot with your chrome (i created my screenshot to show you all the details that i need to see in your screenshot)
  • can't seem to find the div id=MainContent.  any tips on where i should click inspect element, or where i should be looking?
  • It should be inside the "ManagedContentWrapper" element
    actually when you have focus inside that element area you can click the search arrow at the top left and do a search for MainContent (might have to do next next until you find the element)
  • did you end up finding it?
  • I am going to look today :)  got carried away yesterday and just couldn't dedicate time like earlier.  You should hear something from me today.  Thanks!

  • I clicked on the 'drawer' and using the search subtab in there for "MainContent"  its been indexing for sometime now.
  • indexing? you mean it's having trouble finding maincontent?
  • yes, it's still indexing and has not found MainContent
  • I can do a webex with you and that maybe the best idea right now.

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