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Adding Facebook Event gets added to random google calendar

How do I specify which google calendar the facebook event will get added to?


  • That's a good suggestion, note that after adding it to your default calendar, you should be able to easily Edit/Update it to change the calendar within my popup window.
  • Turns out the event gets added to the first calendar in the list in alphabetical order. So I now have a calendar called "A Facebook Events" and that's where the event gets added.

    Maybe have a default calendar in the options?
  • Hmm the add facebook event action cannot create calendars. This "Facebook Events" calendars is a shared calendar, that you subscribed to - I have it too :)
    Your primary calendar is the default calendar usually your default email account has the same name.
  • No, it added the event to the first alphabetical calendar which used to be called something else and which I renamed "A Facebook Events". It definitely does not add the event to my default calendar. This is not the same as the Facebook Events calendar that you can add to show all Facebook events.
  • ok i will investigate the logic thanks for all the details
  • you were 100% right, this will be fixed in the next update and it will use the default calendar.
  • I actually like that I can use a different calendar. But if you use the default calendar, would you also add an option to use a different calendar?
  • So this time I would refer you back to the Edit button which can be used right after creating the event - should you want to change it calendar - but i'll wait to see if this is a more common request, as I believe in most circumstances the quick add to the default calendar suffices for now.
  • Yes, I saw the Edit button. But the extra clicks make things less practical (but still doable). 

    Also when I click the Checker Plus button, it doesn't always pop up. Sometimes it shows a small square with writing in it but not the full window.
  • Yeah that's a Mac only issue that was introduced in the last Chrome updates. Difficult one to debug.
  • Cool. Thanks for being totally on it!
  • Just wanted to add my voice to this, I'd also like to be able to change the default calendar where Facebook events end up. Thank you.
  • Yep me too. Adding directly to the desired calendar via an additional drop down on the [Add to Google Calendar] popup dialog would be a nice to have but it only saves on two clicks.

    For me it makes no difference, but some of our non savvy community members who use our resource calendar might find it convenient.
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