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I wonder if would be possible to make a function that clicking the middle button on the Checker Plus for Gmail icon to open the Gmail site?


  • how about, holding Ctrl while clicking the icon would that work?
  • Hello Jason, yes, Ctrl is ok too.. :)
  • So I had another suggestion from another user that the Ctrl key open the "compose window" instead of the "Gmail inbox" and I enabled that in the latest version 16.6.1
    I figured because there are already 2 options #1 and #2 that potentially already open the "Gmail inbox" and only one for the compose, so i'm trying it out, hope it's ok.

      (follows rules set in General > Compose & Reply Button)
  • edited March 2014
    Yes of course... after all, was only a suggestion :) and I'm still gonna using your app. ehehehe Thanks for the contact.
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