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Remove the "Upgrade to premium" button from Outlook.com


  • It just appeared for me today. Is there a way to remove this?
  • @RageI would see other ad blockers to work in combination for specific ads which don't interfere with the actually space issue.
  • I just started getting this one today (May 21 2017).
    I can't make it go away. It is distracting, annoying,
    and (typically) pushy. I have Ghostery and AdBlock
    Plus, and (of course) your WebMail Ad Blocker - but
    nothing works. I tried clicking on it to see if there's some
    kind of "opt out" or "no thanks" thingie, but no such luck.
  • I've removed Outlook's "Upgrade to Premium" button in extension v5.1
  • edited March 2021

    It's AWFUL, and in fact, an utter disgrace how MS implenented the ''editor 18" premium button, and is EXACTLY the type of adware/spamware/MALWARE they warn folk against.

    Why? It is deliberately over-sensitive in sprining into action, doesn't even need to be clicked upon, AND just happens to be NASTILLY deliberately placed where my cursor is guarunteed to hover past, and the block out my work space with an ad for something i will NEVER buy.

    To make matters worse, my wireless keyboard, which unusually for myself, was the only current one in the house, died.

    Meaning? One-mouse-click-at-a-time on-screen keyboard, which Windows never update, so that evertime MS Editor 18 Premiun ad spams me, CONSTANTLY, the keyboard goes to bed and has to be wokebup again. And God forbid I'm dumb enough to click on any correction it suggests as it causes the on-screen keyboard to vanish too, AND causes the page to skip to the bottom etc.

    If this was any other companies ads? It'd be squashed. But, OH NO, not so for the ''American Exceptionalism'' approach of clunky old Windows and MS.

    I'm at wits end here. An email or comment like this one which normally should only take minutes, although currently longer due to on-screen keyboard, is by that A-hole Editor Diamiond logo turning into a page/cursor hogging spambo rambo turned into AN ORDEAL.

    Oh, but let's not forget! It's MS! So, if they've EVER posted on it, as per ysual it'll a) give a

    bog-standard step by step ''fix'' whivh diesn't fix anything (How long has Windows audio beena nightmare? Yet still only copy/pasting same driver and power setting fix wich hardly works etc) or b) Try to imply YOU are doing something wrong, not them, as with Windows the customer is always wrong.

    If looked at with open eyes, this Editor ad falls into the realms of - if treated as on an even and fair playing field with other tech' co's- is actually, in effect, spamware, malware, PUP (potentially unwanted program... No, actually make that ''DUP'' ( DEFINITELY unwanted program)

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