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Blur not working

Hi there

I've tried several times already and my blur tool doesn't work :( I've bypassed extensions etc. Is this a known issue?


  • Ah! Yes, dang you're right. OK I'll switch back.
  • Nope. Still not working. The blur tool and the actual blur effect are about 1 inch different. 
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  • Hmmm.. I don't think so. I don't have any external monitors, my Macbook Pro is native resolution. Chrome zoom at 100%. :(
  • It's funny because only the 'blur' tool is wonky. All the rest are cursor-aligned.
  • oh interesting so all other tools are working?, i will investigate the code further and get back to you.
  • Thank you. Yup, just an issue with blur :S
  • ok re-install the extension to force v8.4.9 and it should be fixed, let me know.
  • PERFECT!!!! You're a genius!! Thank you so much.
  • Same issue here.  ShareX has this great feature of blur by area (select area to blur)
  • Blur's not working for me either... I'm on
  • @ArioJafarzadeh Can you send me a screenshot of how it's not working or give me details?
  • Sure, here's a video... looks like it works, but not consistently... https://cl.ly/0W110y3C411b When you see me wiggling my mouse, I have the mouse button held down, but no blur occurs
  • @ArioJafarzadeh Ok so it seems the blurring happens but not where the mouse is. One interesting thing I noticed you did before is you scrolled the screen to the side. Can you try not doing that. Also did you try reinstalling the extension?
  • The window resize was just done to get the viewport to fit into my capture area... I uninstalled and reinstalled, the same offset behavior exists :/
  • @ArioJafarzadeh Do other drawing tools work properly? like the free hand drawing or the lines etc.?

    Do you have retina display or zoom settings that affect your chrome or display?
  • Same problem here with the blur tool - it seems to not work. No Zoom +100%). Strangly, sometimes I see the blur effect later and offset, but most often not at all (maybe because it happens in "white" space). Free hand tool works fine. Reinstall didn't help. It is a Retina-Display though (Macbook Pro). Any idea why that happens?
  • @MichaelGottschalk ok reinstall to v9.2.1 i've pushed a possible fix for the blur tool
  • @MichaelGottschalk Is the behaviour somewhat different from last time at least?
    Were you trying to blur out the lines of code just above the // test column ?
    and the blue blur color itself was the issue?
  • Thanks for working on a fix! Just updated to 9.2.2. There is definitely an improvement, ... it seems, blur tool 'knows' now the correct location of the cursor, which didn't work before - but it seems the tool takes pixels from an offset location (i assume in this case the title bar above) to blur, which is not exactly what I expected - or am I doing something wrong?
  • Yes. Correct. Tried to (for test purposes) that line. And yes, the picked color itself was what surprised me - along with the fact that I could read in that blurred part the text from the location it took apparently the pixels/colors (you can faintly see in the blurred line the text from the title further above 'answer'. I also tried in a rather colorful website and because it seems the algorithm picks a color from a rather different, further away 'quadrant' it looked very strange. My understanding is that the blur takes colors/pixels from close proximity, to create a "washed out" effect, but not visual art ;) Just try to be descriptive. I love this tool!
  • edited August 2018
    Just to illustrate what I was just describing as visual art ;)
    I tried to blur around the big word "Konfiguration" and used the blur tool twice from left to right (two strokes basically).
  • @MichaelGottschalk ok try out v9.2.2.1 with a reinstall again, i changed the blur pixel source. and if you can give me another screenshot like your previous one that would be great so i can see the issue or resolution hopefully :)
  • edited August 2018
    I think I unknowingly picked a tough sample ... :) for pure text like the coding it starts to work much much better! And this is probably the most common use case. For the big picture you need to look very close to see that the blurring even occurred - something I'm sure has to do with the light gray on white being tough (and the lettering being huge) ... 

    Also, one more thing I noticed, it seems the positioning is still slightly off. You can see on the code sample ... I positioned the blur tool circle exactly over the whole line, but it seems to be a couple of lines above, as when you move the tool, the area blurred area is slightly offset to the top. 

    Thank you for you taking the time to work on this!
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