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Drop down of multiple accounts in Inbox view

I have 2 accounts and drop down of accounts disappear. Sometimes it shows up but I can't reproduce how to get it back.


(yes. I tried to reinstall, disable all other addons, updated everything)


  • Can you try disabling any skins or themes you might have.
  • edited March 2017
    Hi Jason, thank you for fast response.
    Unfortunately this does not helped.
    I even installed Checker on laptop with different resolution and for a few clicks it was OK and then disappeared again.
    It means only I have such problems ? :D
  • Try disabling all other extensions.
  • edited March 2017
    I reinstalled Chrome and I have installed only Checker Plus and still same problem.
    It works for few clicks and then it's gone.

    I compared sources of page where the drop down shows up and the one without it and looks completly the same except some attributes in iframe element (rpctoken, id, name). Magic
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