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New install, no notifications

Would love to get this working, installed chrome extension , configured for notifications on all files , did not select any folders,  have a collaborator make mod to doc, no notification comes through - any ideas appreciated 


  • Is that particular file in your My Drive or just in the Shared area? ... what is your "Only include notifications for files added to My Drive" set to?
    What is your polling interval set at?

  • so i presume you waited 5 minutes and no notification came?
    Can you test the notification by clicking the bell icon the Options next to "Close after"
    I assume that collaborate was also a different user not yourself?
  • I logged out of everything and logged back in and appears to be working now, will let you know if I have any other issues 
  • Having the same issue I presume, but after multiple extension reinstall and browsers restarts I still don't get any notifications from the app. I really hope that you could help me solve this, because our company really need a solution like this, but first I have to make sure it works in our environment.
    As you can see, the extension can read all the recent file modifications, but the notification list is always empty. The sample notification when I click on the bell next to the "Close notification after" setting works fine.

    I don't want to sign out of the browser, cause that would be a big hassle for me now. Only if you think that's the only way to solve it, I'll try.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @JánosCsendes Good idea to test, thanks for the screenshots. The option to "show own notifications" is new, maybe it's causing issues. Can you have someone else modify one of your files that is shared and wait 5 minutes for a notification. And let me know if that works.
  • edited about a year ago
    @JánosCsendes Good news I found and just fixed an issue with the option "show own notifications" you can reinstall the extension to v7.5.9 or wait for the update. Thank for the feedback to alert me of this issue. Can I was ask why you want to see your own file modification notifications?
  • Updated to the latest version, but I still experiencing issues. 
    I attached 3 screenshots that might help in diagnosing the problem. In the teamdrives_folder.png you can see that my colleague created a folder which contained an .xlsx document. This event doen not appear in the recent2.png list for some reason, and that is the reason it wont create a new record in the notification.png list i presume.

    I also attach a screenshot from our company's google drive site as googledrive_recent_site.png. I think it does not work as it supposed to , because in this recent list only my modifications are listed, but on the right side information bar all the other users activity are listed. What do you think? Is it a problem with our setup of G suite?

    Thank you!

  • Currently the only reason that I want to be notified about my own activity, is testing this extension without disturbing my colleagues. If it gets implemented, I'd probably turn this feature off.
  • @JánosCsendes I noticed that you do have a notification file this time called "asdfgg.txt" so it did work at least once, correct? Maybe it's a TeamDrive issue, can you test modifying files in the regular Drive?
  • Worked once, yes. Now I created a new test file in the My Drive section, from which I got a popup notification every 5 minutes, and it also appears in the "Recent" window, but it does not appear in the "Notifications" window. This isn't really working out for me  =( 

    I'm afraid that the main problem is that in the Recent window I see only my activity, while currently 5 of my colleagues are working on the Team Drives, and they make a lot of file modifications. Shouldn't the Recent window contain that activity also?

  • @JánosCsendes The recent folder mimics exactly what Google Drive's recent folder does and I believe they're your recent activities. Sort of like your bookmarks, I wouldn't want others to modify my bookmarks.
  • I see. I thought that your extension watches the Recent folder, and creates notifications based on its content. Previously I didn't used the recent folder, so that's the reason I'm not familiar it's behavior. 

    Still I hope that you could point out what I'm doing wrong. If you need any information from me, please let me know.

    Thank you!
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