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  • edited March 2017
    In the hotmail account with the ad ...
    1. Can you right click anywhere on top of the problem area (usually the ad itself)
    2. Then select "Inspect Element"
    3. Expand that new inspect that appears in a small area below your webpage area to about half the screen
    4. Then send me a screenshot of the whole page with the issue and the elements window
  • ok thanks, can you scroll that element up by 5 lines and send me another screenshot of it. this is interesting that hotmail has different code than outlook account.
  • not the same ad

  • ok cool, one more thing, I noticed your always in the Deleted items folder when you send me the screenshots, does the issue happen in the Inbox or other folders?
  • it doesn't matter which folder i'm in

  • edited March 2017
    ok, can you select the <div> element which has the width value 160px
    and send me another screenshot with the details on the right.

  • So it appears my extension code is not loading on that page or css is not matching.
    Can you use the search in the elements and look for #webmailAdBlocker and then expand that element and send me a screenshot. Thanks again for following the instructions, you're a good debugger :)

  • I find 3 in total^ ^

  • Ah I found the issue, my Firefox extension update that fixes this hotmail issue hasn't been approved yet by the Firefox team, it should live in a few days. It is live right now in the Chrome extension webmail ad blocker.
  • OK,Thanks for developing this useful extension.

  • It's still version5.0.1,but suddenly it works for hotmail again
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