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No "DND in fullscreen" option

in wiki, you said:"To automatically set DND when playing videos: Popup window >  > Do Not Disturb > DND in fullscreen"
But I didn't find this option:


  • That's true for the Gmail extension, for the calendar extension you must right click the icon in the toolbar.
  • right click the icon of Calendar plugin will show DND, but no "DND in full screen".
  • ok i will add it there also in another update.
  • This was posted 3 years ago and still never implemented...? I have been having issues with the addon knocking me out of full screen apps to notify me. Really annoying to not have an option to disable alerts while in full screen applications...

  • @Douglas Barmore Jr You're right I didn't act on this one yet, however, it didn't have much attention from users, but it should be relatively easy to implement.

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