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notifications not going away.

so for a while now on one of my browsers the notifications never automatically go away. Its set to 7 seconds in the settings though.  
But this was only on one machine that had chromium (not chrome) and figured it was just some weird interaction.
Now however its also not going away on another machine that is running chrome (linux).
so figured I would report the issue.



  • The Chrome version from you just wrote this comment on is version 28 and it's very old, the latest version is 33, please upgrade it and then test again.
  • that is the "chromium" browser one. the actual chrome one is on the latest channel. 
    It claims Version 33.0.1750.117 which still has the issue
  • and then if you can't find the solution, then send me a screenshot of this notification
  • ok I can see that causing some issues. I had thought the text/rich formatting choice meant I could get a popup or an actual sms message on my phone about it.  
    (wrong meaning of 'text')  enabled the plain text format and am waiting for my next popup to see if it goes away automatically.

  • lol
    ps. you can test my "text notification" immediately by clicking the "Test it out" link right beside it
  • yeah that didnt make them go away either. the plain text format doesnt even have the option to select a timeout value anymore.
    just the rich format option has the auto go away feature.
  • If you are not seeing this option below the text notification then you are not using the latest version of my "extension" try re-installing it.

  • they dont exist in the latest version I can install from the extensions page:

  • Can you fill out this...

    1. Click the Chrome menu image > Tools > Extensions
    2. Select Developer mode at the top right
    3. Find the extension and click the background link
    4. Select the Console tab and copy all the messages and add them to your issue description
  • the console tab is always empty. If I dont log into google calendar first I occasionally get a unauthorized error in the console but if Im logged into cal the console is empty.


  • Does your options page look exactly like this? in terms of shapes and colors?
  • well Im using the checker for google calendar not for gmail itself.  but basically no, the tabs are vertical on the left side. the options themselves are
    more flat and a single color. no grey "sections" like in your picture. the sound selector has the same look as yours. but that is the only part that is close.

  • oooooh, my mistake I confused myself between my extensions.
    The calendar one currently has not "close after" options for "text notifications" it does though for the "rich notifications"
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