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A notification with "Email might already be read"

Lately, I get some notifications about the same emails more than once. When I open the notification for the second time, I get the following message: "Email might already be read!". Screenshot attached.

Is it a known issue? Can it be fixed?



  • Is it possible you have another device or Chrome profile or service that is reading your emails or filters?
  • I have my phone with the standard Gmail app. Nothing else that I can think of.
  • edited February 2017
    What is your setting set for extension Option > General > "Previewing mark as read" ?
  • edited February 2017
    It's not checked. I've unchecked it as I prefer to mark as read explicitly. All the other "marks as read" are set.
  • Ironically, it has happened again now, with the mail that notifies about your reply here.
    I've opened the mail from the popup, and then deleted it. Deleting also marks it as read as per the options. Afterwards, I've got a popup about the same mail, and opening it showed the "Email might already be read" message.
  • Does this issue happen "everytime" for every email?
    Are you using auto-detect or manual account add in Options > Accounts?
    Can you try re-installing the extension?
  • It doesn't happen for every mail, only sometimes.
    I use auto-detect.
    I've re-installed the extension recently, and it didn't change the situation.
  • Hmm you seem to be indicating a second issue, you were able to open the mail from the popup and delete it and after that you would get another popup for the same email? Can you send me screenshots of the before and after?
  • I'll try, but it's tricky - I usually don't know that it's a buggy notification until I click on it and see the "Email might already be read" message. It can as well be a new email.
    As far as I remember, though, the second notification looks the same as the first one.
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