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Translate to Japanese



  • @Jason I fixed japanese translation of JasonSavard.com again, because i found strange translation from website.
    So I thought that Japanese translation is almost finished. Probably, I don't fix more than this in current version.
    I will wait new version of extentions
    Thank you~ :)
  • @MoxYo ok thank you, I have just pushed your latest jasonsavard.com translations to the site.
  • @Jason

    1.  I had translated Gmail/WEB site @JasonChiang
    Because I could update CheckerPlusForGmail to latest version 20.1.1.

    2. These are not Japanese in latest CheckerPlusForGmail.
    At least, I think that It should be translate from "WARNING: Do not ~" to Japanese because dangerous setting.

    3. I selected Japanese "受信トレイ”. and then, it displayed English "inbox".

  • @YuukiNagatomo Can i translate only tmpty line in CheckerPlusForSchedule?
  • @MoxYo Thank you for the translations. We can ignore the Admin section translations because they can change anytime and are less important. For the "inbox" issue, sometimes when changing languages in the extension it doesn't load all translations properly, but if you reload the extension or the browser then all translations should work.
  • @MoxYo Both Gmail and the calendar can not be translated in multiple places.
    For Gmail, the following files are still in English.
    (ExtensionFolder)/options.html and (Extension Folder)/js/options.js .

    @Jason ;Can you make these translations possible?
  • @YuukiNagatomo You have to re-install the extension to force the latest translations that I pushed. The translations you see in the tool are not necessarily the ones I pushed. You have to tell me when you finish and I will push them.
  • @Jason Thank you. I understand.
    I added a calendar translation.
    Also, some of options.html can not be translated.

  • @YuukiNagatomo Let's ignore the Admin section because it's not as important. But I have just added the "To exclude from notifications..." in the translation tool, you can reload it and it will appear near the middle of the translations next to the other "exclude..." ones. thanks for pointing it out.
  • @Jason Thanks. Translated now.
  • @Jason @YuukiNagatomo  ok. Anyway, now these extensions and website is friendly for Japanese people :)
  • @MoxYo @YuukiNagatomo yes amazing work, I already saw an increase in Japanese users and even bug reports from them (not related to translations), I thank you all very much and if you don't already have the extra features let me know i'll unlock them for the email of your choice.
  • @Jason I already have the extra features. Thank you :)
    > an increase in Japanese users
    I'm realy glad!
  • Thank you both.
    More users in Japan will be added.
  • @YuukiNagatomo Thank you~. I installed Drive.
    @Jason I want to try CheckerPlusForDrive/Screenshots in Japanese. But no need to hurry.
  • @MoxYo I've updated both drive and screenshot extensions - just reinstall them to force the update and get the latest translations.
  • @Jason You have good speed for job. I already found that i should be fix few points. I will continue translation.
  • @Jason I checked them and fixed them's Japanese translation.
  • @MoxYo excellent, i'll push these translation fixes with the normal update process because i don't like updating extensions more than once a week.
  • @Jason Sure, no problem. You are master of your applications :)
  • @Jason Hello~.
    I suggest, you update extensions.
    Because Many Japanese people will take Nine days off in a row from 29/4 to 7/5.
  • @MoxYo I'm not sure I understand the problem or what is the solution you propose?
  • @Jason This not problem. sorry for my bad english. 
    I thought, if you update your extensions in a few days, many japanese people use your extenstion.
    That's all I wanted to say :p
  • @Jason ;Clearly fixed Japanese in calendar. 
    Could you confirm it?

    @MoxYo ;I am also looking forward to it.
    Have a nice holiday :p

  • @YuukiNagatomo I'm not sure I understand, but your latest translations will go into the next version v21.1.3.3 not yet released.
  • I fixed few translation for CheckerPlusForGmail too. Please include it in next version :)
    And, I want to "reply all" button.
  • @MoxYo ;
    ok thanks it will be added.
    Do you mean reply all inside my extension? if yes, then it already exists, when you click reply the default action is to reply to all, if you click the button on the right then it's reply only to sender.
  • oh, sorry! Your are right.
  • @YuukiNagatomo ;
    Could you fix this?

    todayAt: 今日→今日の
    tomorrowAt: 明日→明日の
    somedayAt: 日→日の
    daysArray: 日曜日,月曜日,火曜日,水曜日,木曜日,金曜日,土曜日,日曜日
  • @MoxYo
    Sorry for the delay, fixed it.

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