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deleted/denied events from a linked gmail calendar are not deleted

i have linked my work calendar in my private account and i noticed that when i deny an event after i accepted it it is not deleted in my private account in the extension


  • Did you click the refresh button in the popup window?
  • jap, does not help
  • I'm not familiar with "denying or accepting" are they supposed to also automatically "delete" events in Google Calendar? Can you give me some screenshots or explain what happens in Google Calendar?
  • following case, i got an invitation in my work calendar, i accepted, before the event started i denied the event because i had better things to do. The event then gets striked through. when i view that event from my other account its just the same as before.
  • Ok so the event is not deleted in Google Calendar it only has a strike through?
  • actually there is a setting where you can setup if you want to delete declined events or not and my work calendar was set up to yes show them but they are striked through in the google view, the question here is do you have access to the actual status and do you want to copy the behaviour in your popup or do i just have to setup do not show the events :)
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    • update, i disabled the declined view and the event is still not deleted in your popup

  • When you disable the the declined view, did you click the refresh button in popup after?
    Note that even with that "Show events you have declined set to no" it will still not delete the events. They will just be hidden.
  • i tried everything, but the event is still shown, i noticed the same behaviour on my moto 360 gen2 smartwatch with the watchface i am using there, the google calender on my phone also ingores the setting if i want to "hide" declined events or not, they are shown as striked through and the watch like your extension also does not check if an event is declinded and just shows it.
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    ok so just to confirm this issue is not isolated to my extension only? thanks for investigating.
  • nope others have also not looked so deep into the calendar events, as you said it looks like you need to check the hidden flag and then react accordingly
  • Let me resume this old thread - not sure this had been addressed in the meanwhile.

    How to reproduce:

    I got an invitation on google calendar. I decline it on google calendar (i.e. I click no, I am not attending).

    When the event times comes, I still get the notification from checker.

    This behaviour does not change if I hide or not refused meetings in Google, are they are shown in both cases in checker.

    Desired behaviour:

    I receive only notifications for events I have accepted or that I have not responded so far (so there is no risk to miss a meeting you haven't noticed yet)

    Why it is a problem:

    I have tens of recurring meetings I have been invited to, but never attend - like in the morning 5 standups etc. I get notifications from these meetings and I run the risk to become desensitized to notification and miss some important one in the bulk

    Thanks for any help!

    And thanks for building this, which I couldn't live without, Jason! :)

  • @Cesare Zotti Thanks for the details, can you make sure this option is enabled in your google calendar and let me know if you see the declined events in my extension? they should have a strikethrough in the event name.

  • It was indeed NOT enabled - i don't want to see declined events (which showed up anyways in the extension)

    Anyhow, I tried checking and unchecking multiple times - I see all the declined events in your extension, regardless if that option is ticked or not (whereas obviously it works in the google cal - i.e. when ticked I do not see declined events)


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    Ok so the test I want you to perform is temporarily enable that "show declined events" and then double click the refresh button in my calendar popup window. Then if you have test event that you decline I want to confirm that the event has a strikethrough in my extension. If it does you should not be notified of it. For this test let's not use recurring events as this may add complexity.

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    Hello, I would like to revive this thread as it is still relevant and has been discussed many times.

    @Jason Any luck finding a solution? I would love to see (the same as Google Calendar shows) the strikethrough or the hide (depending on the Google Calendar Setting). Thank you!!

    Let me describe my situation: I added a workplace calendar (I'm not the owner) to my private calendar. Now, when a workplace-event gets declined via RSVP it is shown in my GOOGLE calendar as strikethrough (working as designed).

    Additionally, in the Google settings I can also "hide declined events" (working as designed).

    On your side (Checker Plus for Google Calendar), the event is always shown as a normal event (ignoring declined events).

    A refresh does not help.

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    @Xeno Do the declines work normally when the events are in your main private calendar?

    And are you the owner of this "workplace" calendar? and who is declining it?

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    @Jason Yes, declines work normally when the events are in my main private calendar.

    No, I am not the owner of this "workplace" calendar (my wife is).

    My wife declined the event (an invite from her colleague).

  • @Xeno Ok i'll try to replicate this, but you can see why this one is tricky because it involves 3 users.

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