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Outlook.com - bug after new design

Recently Microsoft introduced a new design (only small changes). Since then Webmail Ad Blocker doesn't work anymore. It seems like a little bug, because after changing one attribute in CSS, the problem is apparently fixed.

Two Screenshots of what I'm talking about:


  • I'm not seeing the error, possibly outlook has not pushed the "change" in my region.
    I event tested it by changing the language to German but I couldn't see the issue.

    Are you sure my extension is still enabled?
    Can you see with other outlook users if they are seeing this issue also?
  • Yes the extension is still enabled. But I checked the account of my Dad and noticed: He still has the "old style", so Webmail Ad Blocker also still works great! It seems like the "change" is not yet available for all users... :-(
  • Out of curiosity what was the "small change" that outlook did?
  • This:

    ...and in the top left corner it's now "Outlook.com" instead of "Outlook".  :D

    So seemingly they only wanted to improve the Usability, but I'm not sure if it's really better than before. Maybe I'm just used to the old system...
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