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Date is truncated, very confusing

Below are two screenshots.


  • I'm using the same layout and design as Gmail for Android to be consistent...

  • It works in other places. So it's probably not a layout issue, but a code issue.

  • The HTML code of the extension page:

  • The short form date is intentional by me :) And it's been unchanged for a while now. I personally don't like seeing the year 2017 all the time as I think we'll soon get very used to it.
  • The short form is not the issue. The issue is that the date is Jan 31, but Jan 3 is displayed instead.
  • ahh sorry, I didn't catch that, can you try re-installing the extension.
    and which language are you using in Gmail and in the extension?
  • Re-installed, still have the issue. English on both Gmail and the extension.
  • edited February 2017
    is this happening for every email? can you try marking others as unread in your inbox and then wait for them to appear in my extension
  • If you're able to replicate the issue with other emails then let me know, but currently I'm unable to replicate the issue on my side. I'll monitor it to see if others encounter this.
  • Actually, I can, and it's pretty weird.

    Perhaps a timezone issue or something? How does your code produce the short date?
  • Found the issue it will be fixed in the next version, thanks for the details and help they proved very valuable in finding the issue. It's a rare issue that happens only for emails from a different then today and with a date larger than the current months max date. ie. Jan 30 vs Feb 30 (doesn't exist) The code was updating only the date field and the javascript engine would increment the month since it couldn't find 30 so essentially Feb 30 = Mar 2 and then I would overwrite the Mar to Jan, anyways probably mumbo jumbo but it was a flaw in my coding.
  • Great, thanks for solving it, and for the quick responses!
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