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In the latest version of chrome ( 33.0.1750.17) running on Windows 8.1, the plugin now freezes regularly.  When I click on the icon, all I see is the "checker plus for gmail" title, but not the email address and unread messages I usually see.  Also, when right-clicking on the icon and choosing Options, the option screen appears but no options are changeable, not even clicking on the different tabs at the top does anything. 

The only fix I've found is to go to Tools->Extensions, then disabling it by unchecking the check box, then re-enabling it.  Seems to work fine. For a while, but this happens several times a day.



  • Try re-installing the extension (not just disabling/enabling) and don't load your previous settings - keep the defaults
  • OK, done.  I might have done this before, I don't remember, but I'll let you know if it happens again.  so far ( 5 minutes) it seems to be working  fine.  

  • This didn't work, it continues to freeze regularly (4-5 times a day)   I've re-installed 3 times, and only attached my account in settings.  Note that I use a Google Apps for business account, not a gmail account.  

    Any other suggestions are welcome.

  • I'll have to refer you here now as this seems like a Chrome issue with probably your profile - http://jasonsavard.com/faq/Chrome_issues
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