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Quick Reply... is original text included?

Just started using the reply block below the message preview (long time newbie) and noticed that the original message is not appended to the reply received by the recipient. Is that intended?


  • On a related note, the forward button opens a tab in the full Gmail application, which can be a reply or forward. Whereas the reply button only opens a text box at the bottom of the extension dropdown and does not allow for the email thread to be attached, leaving my replies somewhat out of context to the recipient (somewhat akin to a texting app... but where you can't see the previous text).

    Appreciate any help/clarification.
  • Yup this has been the behaviour since the beginning, the fwd opens the gmail compose because I don't handle any compose inside the extension because of the complexities involved, including formatting, attachments and contacts etc.

    There is however a short snippet of text that will be included when you reply. But no longer than sentence.
  • I've never used the reply features through all these years, and so when I did I noticed that the message thread was absent. I'll now know to use the "forward" button when my reply needs the context of the message thread.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  • Should also be noted the reply text quoting is also a bit different depending on which detection method you are using, i know it's complicated :) https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
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