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Resize the e-mail preview "window"

ist there a way to make the e-mail preview window larger? I don't wanna scroll down every time i read an e-mail. tx


  • You can use the Menu > Display Density > Comfortable
    but generally I have maximized the popup as large as Chrome allows.
  • edited January 2017
    https://gyazo.com/fb555764321988dfde7475ac28b64513 The size of the prictrure shows the screen estate. pretty much a total waste of space...
  • Try changing the Options > Button > Button Click Action > Open Checker Plus Detached
    Then when you click the button you can resize the popup window and it will save it for the next time.
  • u r tha man !! thanks
  • edited May 2017
    Jason, I have tried your suggestions but every time I open the preview window it defaults back to the larger size. I would like to simply resize it so it doesn't take up half my laptop screen
  • If you select the "detached" popup window then you can resize it.

    Then go to the Options > General > Set position and size...

  • @5925579d942dc I posted the answer just above.
  • edited May 2017
    Jason, I have detached the button and can manually resize it by dragging the box smaller but I can't see the set position option anywhere in the general tab ?? Running version in Firefox

  • oh your right it seems that feature could not be implemented in Firefox (yet) so I had to disable it, let's wait for another round of Firefox updates and i'll try integrating it again.
  • edited May 2017
    Ok Jason, thanks. Fantastic add-on by the way.

    Can the resize be applied to the preview window when not detached, by simply dragging it to the size required & then remembered so that this doesn't happen when Firefox is minimised half screen

  • @5925f178e07e7 No that's a Chrome/Firefox limitation which does not allow a resizing of the "attached" popup window
  • Will this "resize window" function work in Chrome for all pop-up windows or just Gmail ?

    My Chrome is set to 125% zoom and when I click on something in Chrome that has a popup, the window is too small.

  • @Steve Brandt

    With the Gmail extension you can use the options to resize the popout window.

    With the Calendar extension you just resize the popout window and it will reminder those settings next time.

    More on the popout window https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popout

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