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Sound notification bug


At first I've to thank you for your great extension, Checker Plus for Gmail™ .

I encounter a bug with the sound notifiaction.

On the 'Notifications' tab I choosed Electronic drops, and if I press the little 'play' button I hear the correct sound.
It was working on the begenning until I tried to use the account linked notification in the 'Accounts/Labels' section.

I tried to change the sound and picked up 'Yeahaha' to test it. I was redirected to the donators sections.

The problem is that the sound Yeahaha is now kind of overwriting the Electronic Drops selected in the first tab.

I tried to reselect Electronic Drops in the Accounts/Labels sections but I'm stuck with it.

I uninstalled the extension completely (deleted the folder in the %appdata%/local/google/...) but it's still happenning.
I searched a 'factory reset' function inside the extension but was unable to find it.



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