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Mark as read for conversation view messages


There is a bug with conversation view messages, i'm disabled this option, so i will see it as some number of messages i like that. 
But Checker Plus for Gmail see them as one message, that isn't good, when i mark the message as read, one message only will became as read. 

Please, fix it asap.



  • Nice video :) but the code I am using does not work when the conversation view messages is disabled, sorry I usually can fix anything but there is not solution for this one except to enable the conversation view or try another extension, but I think they will all have the same problem.
  • edited February 2014
    Thanks, you can't display conversation view as messages ?
    You can solve it by displaying conversation view as messages
  • Hello, 

    Same thing with conversation view mod
  • Is this only happening for some emails or all emails?
  • All mails 
  • The issue happens with conversation view on and off?
  • Try reinstalling the extension and resign into your Gmail
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