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Log off from Checker Plus for Calendar & Drive

Would i be possible for you to add the same functionality you have in checker for gmail, which requires you to be logged into your google account to see anything.  Currently, if I log out of my google account I still have a backdoor into calendar and drive...not good.  Thanks!


  • That won't be possible but you can always revoke the access remotely https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Granting_access
  • then I have to that everytime i log out of chrome right?  if so, not a solution..why don't you enhance like your gmail checker?
  • believe me it's as enhanced as chrome extensions get :)
    if you want you can use Options > Accounts > "Revoke access" everytime you sign out and then re-grant it if you are worried about someone accessing your device, but you're probably better of just putting a good password on your device in my opinion.
  • Agghmm I do not want to have another thing to do everytime i log out! Why can't u make it like the gmail checker?  I'm using a layered approach to security and if somehow my laptop gets in the wrong hands all they need to do is bypass the windows password and they can access drive and calendar with the holes you are allowing.. would really appreciate if you would take this seriously and work to secure your stuff.  i don't get it if you already are doing this w/ gmail; it's a no brainer and you should be able to leverage some the code too
  • Find any other extension that uses oauth to grant access and I will gladly implement their solution, if you cannot find it that's because there's no easy solution - trust me.
  • edited January 2017
    Oh and I take security very seriously, I even lowered permissions across my extensions just a few months ago.
  • most frustrating..sure wish you would find a way
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