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Setting a default Calendar for new events? Even when there is only 1 calendar showing..

Issue:  When using CPfGC, if a user has multiple calendars, upon the creation of a new event the default calendar chosen is their "personal" calendar.  I would like to be able to define in settings which calendar a new event is to be added to by default when an event is being created.  Choosing the correct calendar from the drop-down is not a realistic option for the desired implementation.

The desired calendar is a calendar shared with the user.  The user has the ability to add, edit, and delete events on the desired calendar, and if chosen from the drop-down, the event can be added to the desired calendar, this is strictly pertaining to having a desired calendar be the default for adding new events.

Additional information: Part 1: The Google Calendar desktop website now allows you to click the arrow next to a calendar and choose "Display only this calendar" and upon doing so that calendar is now the default option when adding a new event to the calendar.  In CPfGC, even if I only have the one desired calendar selected to be displayed, it still is defaulting to the "personal" calendar instead of the desired calendar during event creation.  I did not see a similar option to explicitly choose "Display only this calendar" in CPfGC. 

Additional information: Part 2: on the Google Calendar desktop website, once the desired shared calendar is set to "Display only this calendar" the "Reminders" ""calendar"" can be enabled and the default calendar when adding a new event is still the correct desired calendar.  If the "personal" calendar is then also enabled, then the default calendar is then reset to the "personal" calendar in the drop-down.  If the "personal", and all other calendars are disabled, as long as the only ACTUAL calendar (since "Reminders" is not actually a calendar of its own but is rather tied to the "personal" calendar it makes no difference if "Reminders" is turned on or off as long as the personal calendar is off) is set to display, then the desired calendar you wish to be default when adding a new event IS indeed set to the default calendar when adding a new event.set to be visible,  Again this information is pertaining to the (proper) Google Calendar desktop site.

I know the majority of this post includes text about how the desktop version of the (proper) Google Calendar site works, but I thought I would mention all of this in case something on the way the desktop site works could be implemented into CPfGC.  It just so happens that i am under pressure to solve two issues at the moment: #1 have the desired calendar set as default for creating new events, and #2(which I will create a separate thread for) Somehow make "Reminders" pop-up very obstructive popup notifications, even when the browser is closed..  What a wonderful world it could be if CPfGC could solve these two needs! ;)

Thank You in advance for your attention to this matter!


  • edited about a year ago
    For simplicity I will only answer question #1 in this thread.
    For consistency sake, I don't believe you can change the default calendar on the Google Calendar website, is that correct?
    What is the reason your default calendar is not the "main" one? My assumption is this a rare situation.
  • you can, kind of....  if you only show the one calendar then that calendar will be defaulted when adding events.
    the reason for needing this is because our employees add all general events to a shared calendar for all other employees to see.  it is the calendar that is used 99.9% of the time.
  • I messaged you a link to a video that shows what I'm trying to do. :)
  • ok i've added this to my queue, thanks for the video i was not aware of this google calendar behaviour - personally i'm always afraid of using the the only this calendar because i would need a undo to restore the selected calendars i had before :)
  • nope, it just unchecks all other calendars..    Please note that Reminders can be on (I'll post a thread about requesting alerts for "Reminders" more than likely tomorrow....  it's tough work being thorough! :)
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