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How do I contribute to open up the advanced features? The payment buttons don't work

Hi there,

How do I contribute something so that I can unlock the advanced features for the Explain and Send Screenshots?  

The payment buttons for Stripe and Paypal do not work.

Do you have a paypal email address when I can send a contribution and then you can unlock the advanced features for me?

Thank you for your help,

Enjoy your day,

Bluedolphin Crow


  • Can you give me more information on what errors you are seeing when trying to use the paypal or stripe buttons? are in in the Options > Contribute page of the extension?
    can you send me a screenshot of the issue?
  • Yes.

    Here is a screenshot of the paypal error page.

    Thank you for your amazingly fast reply!!

    Enjoy your day,

  • ok thanks, and what's the Stripe error?
  • The stripe error was my fault. Sorry I did not have my phone on and forgot that they do a text code.

    Then they would not process my cc.  That is not your error they do that sometimes on other sites as well.

    That's why I wanted to change to Paypal : - )

  • Let's try that Paypal button again tomorrow and see if they've fixed the issue. But I did just do a test payment with my personal account and it went through.
  • Okay that sounds great. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!!

    I will try to pay through paypal tomorrow.

    Enjoy your evening,

  • Hi Jason,

    Paypal still did not work today, but Stripe did : - )

    I have attached the screenshot from paypal this morning.  It is the same as yesterday's error.

    I filled out the information on the "already contributed page"  so I look forward to the extra features you enable later today or tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for all your help!

    Enjoy your day,

  • ok good, go to the extension's Options > Contribute > Already Contributed (at the top)
    and you should have the extra features.

    fyi on another note, just confirming that you paid for a monthly subscription? was that your intention?
  • Thank you.  I have the extra options, thank you for turning them on.

    I could not get either paypal or stripe to start the payment process without setting up a subscription.

    That was not my intention, but I needed to get this working because I'm in the middle of an important project : - )
  • ok you can use this to cancel the subscription https://jasonsavard.com/Cancel-Stripe-Subscription
    i would be curious what issue occurred when you tried using stripe when you unchecked the monthly subscription option.
  • Oh thank you.  When I unchecked the monthly subscription option is when I could not get Stripe to approve my cc.

    So perhaps it was just a tech issue for them and not the checkbox on your site??

    I will be glad to help in anyway I can.  Feel free to let me know if you have more questions.

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