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Time convention

Hi Jason. I've noticed that if we want to add an event in our Calendar in the morning, we must add "AM" after the specified hour. For Example: 6h30AM. But if we check "24 hour time display" in the General Tab settings, doesn't it useless to put "AM" at the end of the time ? Because if we didn't, it will put an event at 6h30PM (or 18h30 in 24 hour time display). But for me, especially if we check the option, it's more natural to put 6h30 for 6h30AM and 18h30 for 6h30PM. I would like to know what do you think about this and if you are agree with me, if you can make modifications to your awesome extension ? Thank you for your answer


  • I just tested with and without the 24hour option that putting an event like 11:30 test will add the event as 11:30AM test (probably because 11:30 is in future and right now it's 11:00)
    I am using Google's API for the quick add, my presumptions is sometimes language settings and 24 hours settings can parse the times differently between users.
  • Unfortunetly, it's not the same for me. I've done my test for tomorrow or thursday and as I said, if I don't put AM at the end of the time, it will put my event at PM
  • Humm...Do you mean that I have to change my language settings ? And if I do, where the language settings must be changed ? In your extension ? In chrome browser ? in keyboard language settings ?

    In my case, I've changed the language settings to English in your extension and it does the same thing...Maybe I am missing something...
  • it's probably related to your Google Calendar language setting, see if it makes a difference but again it's a bit out of my control because i am using google's quick add api and it decided that.
  • That's weird... I've made some test and it's a little bit weird for me...

    If I had an event at "6h30", it will create an event for all day. If I had en event at "6:30" (note the ":"), it will at the event at 18:30. And If I add the event at "6:30AM", it will correctly add the event for 6:30 at the morning.

    But If I add an event at "6h", it will add the event correctly at 6h in the morning. If we add minutes after the "h" tag (like in 6h30), it looks that time is not reconized and it creates an event for all the day.

    So to have a time in the morning, with minutes, we MUST use ":" and add the tag "AM". Otherwise, if we do not use ":" (but having minutes after (ex: 6h30)), time is not reconized and it create an event for all day and if we use ":" and we do not add "AM" (ex: 6:30), it will create the event in the afternoon/evening (6:30 PM).

    Changing language in Google Calendar settings doesn't change anything after some tests.

    :-(  Unfortunetly for me, it looks bad  as behavior... I understand you are using Google's API...
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