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Quick Add: Popup no longer links to newly added entry

The one key feature for me is the use of the quick add a calendar event.  However, I like to confirm, adjust, or add to each entry as they are created.  To do this I had been clicking on the momentary popup that appears on the lower right of the screen showing what was just added.   I no longer seem to be able to do this.  The clicks are ignored.  

Is there a quick way to go the last entry just added rather than having to navigate the calendar.  Particularly since on occasion, the date may be misinterpreted and I don't know where the calendar entry is?


  • Can you give me more details on which quick add method you are using? is it from right clicking on a page or from inside the popup? if so which calendar view are you using?
  • It's when I right click on highlighted text on any web page.  There is a method to automatically add the event based on interpreting the highlighted text.  It is generally very accurate (save an end time that goes out a week).  Once I select this, a momentary popup shows up confirming the entry.  It's this popup that I then left click and it used to bring up the newly created calendar event.  Now it just seems to ignore the click and fades back away.
  • I believe you discovered a bug - I think if you read closely the notification might actually be displaying an error and that's why it's not opening the event - i'll fix this in the next version, thanks for bringing it up.
  • Thanks for your prompt attention so far.  Don't get that too often.

    Just so you know, I double checked and there is no error message.  I added a snippet for reference.  The event successfully creates.  Just can't click on to go there.

    Out of curiosity, I clicked on the Undo option (with the hopes it may bring up the event to undo) and that errored out per the next attached image.  I did it a couple of time times.

  • can you re-install the extension and let me know if you get both those issues still?
  • It appears that both issues are cleared up.  Can click to open event and Undo works.  I checked this on two machines that were both having the issue (one of which by the way did have an error message in the popup).

    All looks good.  Thanks.

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