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Recent Tabs Hijacking my GMAIL with 129 injection errors wth.png

Jason ive supported all your work man, what is this app doing to my chrome is turtling?


  • Uninstall or use option #1 please 
  • Before i dive in and investigate the *.js files as to what it is injecting, could you fill me/us in about this please?  Thank you for the quick reply. You are an outstanding developer for the app extension you've made tis why i have donated. But seeing these new errors does have me spooked about what's going on now in the background.

    Sorry for the excitement would like to resolve this and move on.

    Thanks Donator 
    Justin Cram
  • @JustinCram That extension hasn't been updated in a long time so if your insinuating any security concerns there are none, you are just seeing Chrome errors. But don't ask me, I insist you a do through investigating by asking on forums or other developers, but a shortcut is simply read my reviews for any signs of wrong doing and they're are simply none. More on that topic https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Malware
  • @Jason The man, thanks again for your quick replies i had to move on i was just trying to open a work doc to show end of year report and i was way agitated as you can tell I'm sorry to do that to you. you get it enough. Just going through roughness right now J keep going and keep up the good work. Hi5 dude! happy new years and merry christmas!

    Justin Cram
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