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Unread email count on Checker Plus icon stuck



  • I don't use conversation view, so I manually add my account. If I change back to automatically add account can this fix the problem? However, it may cause other issues correct? Also, if I just conform to conversation mode will this fix the problem?
  • You might have to test it to find these answers :) As I don't usually have more than 10 unread emails, or else i'm in big trouble usually. But I can tell you that the issue also factors in which labels you are monitoring.
  • The only configuration I can get to work is Auto Detect Account with Inbox. Basically, your default setup. All other stuff seems to throw it way out of whack when I have a lot of unread emails (which I normally do). If you ever stumble across a solution for people who  don't like conversation view, let me know please. Thanks again for trying.
  • BTW, when left clicking your extension button and viewing the checker plus email view. Is there anyway to know if there is a conversation without clicking it first?
  • In conversation mode you will see 2 or more names appear the in from field indicating the people who have replied to the discussion (without opening the email)
    Also you can uncheck the Options > General > Previewing mark as read, if you want to preview emails without affecting their status.
  • So, if the same person replied or sent multiple emails with the same subject it would only show their name? It doesn't give an indication of how many emails are in the conversation without clicking, this sound correct?
  • There is also a number beside the names just to the right indicating how many new replies (or total) can't remember now.
  • Honestly once you go conversation mode, you won't go back :) It cleans up your inbox and you quickly focus on multiple emails conversations at once.
  • I don't get new replies/totals as you mentioned. Maybe because the sender's name is truncated for being to long?
  • The 20th character seems to get cut off with a period. Gmail the website does as you say with the toals, is that what you meant. Your extension doesn't seem to do this.

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    So I believe my extension only mentions the unread replies and their count, as my extension's sole purpose is to quickly sort through new emails and not as a full blown inbox.
  • *Update* I've been trying to elicit a response to get the total unread reply count next to the name, but I can't seem to do it. It just seems while using conversation view from within your extension, I will only see the last email from a conversation until I click on it, then I will have the info to identify it is a part of a conversation. 
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    Could you document this thread with a screenshot to show the issue - so that others can easily understand it and i'd like to summon comments from others about this issue.
  • Hi, I'm having the same issue, where the icon starts off showing the correct unread email count (124), however, upon opening an email within Gmail the notification counts suddenly drops to about a quarter of the actual unread emails (36).  Under Accounts/Labels, I only have the System Labels/Inbox selected.
  • I have about three hundred unread emails and I can't delete them all. What should I do?

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    This issue JUST happened to me today. I haven't changed any accounts in years.

    There are not ANY unread emails anywhere on the affected account.

    I tried restarting the extension and restarting the browser. Neither had any effect.

    Is there a debug log I can send to help you find the issue?

  • And now the unread count has gone away after about 30 min from when the issue started....IDK what happened.

  • @Robert Schumacher try reinstalling the extension if it happens again and let me know.

  • A reinstall did fix this. Will see if it recurs.

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