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Unread email count on Checker Plus icon stuck

I have approx. 118 unread emails in my gmail inbox, but only the number 52 shows on my Checker Plus for Gmail Icon. Any ideas?


  • I fixed it by manually adding my account again. Thanks for the help!
  • By the way, have the categories always been there in the checker plus extension window as shown in the image below?
  • Click on the image to see the full size image plus the red circles I included.

  • No actually - when using the manual add method the extension is able to pull more info from the emails such as the labels assigned to each email - good observation :)
  • Oh okay, so I guess just an added feature!
    There's probably no way to turn that off when using manual add account mode. Is that correct?
  • edited December 2016
    Actually you could create a custom skin for that, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
  • By the way, back to the original issue with an incorrect unread message count.
    It ended up reverting back to the a smaller number around 50. I only have one account.
    The number of emails is about half of what it should be.
    However, pressing the email in the image below resets it for a short while then it reads incorrect after some time.
  • I have followed all of the instructions at https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Unread_email_count_is_incorrect

    Perhaps something else is going on...hmmmm
  • hmm i did notice you are monitoring the "all mail" labels perhaps that's creating the issue.
  • I switched to that setting after I noticed the issue in the first place.
    I like using "all mail" just for better coverage of unread messages. So I don't miss any.

    I do use priority inbox within Gmail to sort unread, starred, and 'everything else' email types.

    I did just notice that the way it reverts back to the incorrect value is because of a new email message.

  • BTW, I use manual add mode because I don't like conversation view.
    However, I followed all instruction to disable conversation mode in your extension.

  • I must admit after a large amount of unread emails the API only returns approximate numbers, but i believe under 20 the counts are way more accurate.
  • Gotcha. It's weird that your account refresh button and restarting Chrome fixes the issue.
    Also, a received email changes the exactly correct value to something approx. 50% incorrect.
    So, the problem occurs when a new email is received.

  • good debugging details i will investigate by trying to replicate the issue on my end thank you for all the feedback.
  • By your refresh button, I'm referring to the one in the account setting tab of your extension's options.
  • No problem. I'll let you know if I find anything new. I contributed $5 just now for your lightning fast responses lol! Thanks again!
  • lol, thanks, no one has ever contributed for finding a bug in my extension :)
  • Haha. When you put it that way, it does sound funny! I really like your products and your troubleshooting support. So, thanks lol, you earned it.
  • When I use Auto Detect for my account, receiving a new email still causes the unread count to be wrong, but only by a few emails and not nearly as many compared to using the manual add account function. Seems like this could be a key to finding the problem. BTW, I'm dealing with 118 unread emails, so since I'm so backed up on unreads this may have revealed an issue.
  • Auto detect can't seem to accuratly measure unread count ever, while manual can, but is way off after the newly received email messes it up.
  • My guess is disabling the conversation mode might also play a role in the issue.
  • I dislike conversation mode, so I'd  like to keep it disabled. It behaves this way on my 2nd laptop on a completely different network. I do use priority inbox, but I tried without and it still behaves this way. I haven't tried to reinstall extension, but I will do that eventually. Does this seem like a legitimate bug to you or something that's isolated to me?
  • i have yet to investigate it, because I have a lot of separate issues i have to look at it, but it's prioritized.
  • Sometimes I get the desktop notification (Rich Notification) twice in a really short period of time. ideas for that one?

  • For the same email that is.

  • edited December 2016
    If you received the notification while the system was idle and you move a mouse which gets out of idle/standby then the notification will re-popup again - assuming you missed it while you were idle
  • Hmm, that could be it.

  • Any updates on the incorrect unread count on button issue?
  • when unread email counts are larger than 20 the API gives me only approx. totals (probably for performance) which is probably causing the issue.
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