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Notifications still not working after uninstall & reinstall. Config below, which is same before upda



  • can you try removing the "do not show for past events"
  • no affect
  • let's try re-installing with the original settings - no loading previous settings.
  • meant to tell u i didn't load previous settings.  i took screenshots of the old settings and then configured the way i had it...So must be a setting is broken. Adding the other two setting SS
  • You stated "So must be a setting is broken" does that mean it does work with a fresh install? If so the debugging steps from there would be to change a few settings incrementally until it breaks again to find the culprit.
  • no I'm inferring..is there a way to put the extension into debug mode so it's not a long arduous chase..very busy now and wish you could get to the bottom of this
  • Believe me I am trying to solve this the fastest way I know, and that's by doing a fresh re-install to confirm that the default settings are working.
  • same thing...just see google cai notification not yours.  note, I have not been closing chrome and reopening in between uninstalls and reinstalls..using Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)
  • so with default settings, means Desktop Notification = Popup window ?
    and if you click the test button beside it, do you see it popup?
  • my bad..it does work..i forgot to allow access on the most recent install..just too many things going on and now Ill try my test event again
  • same issue, no notification of 11:20-12:20 test event at 15 min when the reminder fires in google cal

  • Does the test notification button work? in the Options > Notifications > Desktop notification > Play button
  • ok can you enter a quick event in the popup by clicking the red plus sign and enter "1min test" that should create an event 1 minute from now called test and then wait for it.
  • no notification from your ext. just google cal
  • take it back sort of, it didn't pop a notification for google reminder and did show a notification towards the end of the 1st minute of the event
  • i'm getting mixed with your terminology ... no popup for a "google reminder" but a "notification" for end of 1st minute? can you clarify
  • Your extension did nothing when the Google notification reminders fired and per the attached example (2 and 1 min prior to the start of the event), and you also didn't pop up a reminder once the event started.  Meanwhile for the test event created within your extension, your extension did pop a reminder at the time of event.  Sounds like the extension is not acknowledging the event notification triggers from google
  • Ah just so I understand - are you creating events from within my extension and from outside of extension? (ie. google calendar webpage or other device)
    note that events created from outside of my extension are not instantly synced unless you click the refresh button in my extension popup window - could this be the issue?
  • I predominantly use google cal proper and your theory maybe right in terms of getting the fresh install to work properly...but the initial problem - no - it just stopped working. 
  • ok so let's keep doing my tests until they fail
    can you add another quick add event this time "10min test" and let me know what reminders are triggered in my extension.
  • Hold on..i just did a test (refreshed like you suggested) with an event at starting at 218p in Google Cal w/ reminders for 5 & 7 min, and your extension did pop-up at 7 min prior. Sounds like I maybe back on solid ground and configure it how I like?
  • all I can say is there is no known issues and I am still getting all early google reminders. but always start with small tests like i showed you to see where the issue might lie.
  • what about my other PC, do i need to remove and reinstall there again too?
  • there any many factors at play here, first I noticed that you were using "rich notifications" and using the checkbox "do not show notifications for past events" which all could have played a factor in the missing reminders.
  • but I've been using that for setting for weeks w/o issue and is how I'd like to use.  I'm open to turning on past events but originally it gave me a lot of noise
  • so I think you know how to incrementally proceed with the options to determine the issue, so i leave it in your hands on how to go from here.
  • Thanks for all your help - appreciate you pouncing on this!  

    Don't take the following the wrong way, just wish you were a little more "full service" in terms of finding & fixing, and it sounds like something broke in 20.1.6 for a few users. Understand your predicament if you can't reproduce the issue but I just don't have the time to be this involved in testing / fixing. 

    Hoping things go smoother...Thanks again for your efforts thus far!
  • Peter, I can't but take that the wrong way, I have 2.5 million users and I am just 1 individual trying to solve every issue, I have on average 3 simultaneous issues with users at this very moment and I am developing new features as we speak for 10 different extensions on 2 different browsers. Today alone I have responded to 30 times to 10 different users trying to support them here is the proof https://jasonsavard.com/forum/profile/comments/2/Jason
  • Understood.  Good news - the extension is magically working properly and as I had configured on home PC.
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