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Mark as read then open gmail in new tab

edited February 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
I dont know if this is how the extension should work but when you "mark as read" a new email then try to click the link to open gmail in a new tab (your email address) nothing happens. You have come out of the extension then go back in and click on your email address to open gmail in a new tab. not a big deal just thought Id bring it to your attention.


  • I'm not able replicate this issue. (and yes this would be an issue as you described it)
    You might have set certain options differently than me, would you know which options you might have set?
    Because the default action at least if you only have 1 unread email is upon clicking the mark as read, the popup window will automatically close - this is one reason i can't replicate the exact steps you have taken.
  • image

    Still remains open Jason. This happens on my work and home computer. Default setting with voice notifications turned off. Will try to do a video capture.
  • i'm thinking it's a sequence of options that you have customized,
    can you try re-installing the extension and not load your previous options - and see if the issue persists.
  • Nope. Did not fix.

    Screen 1: New Mail comes in

    Screen 2: Icon is clicked and preview is shown

    Screen 3: Message is marked as read. Extension remains open. Clicking on my email address does NOT open gmail in a new tab


    If I close the app and open again, clicking my email address opens a new gmail tab

    Like i said its not a big issue. Lets see if anyone else reports this. If not then its just my chrome installation :-)

  • edited February 2014
    ok 2 things, if you re-installed extension  - i noticed that you still must have still changed some default options, because i noticed the voice notification/button is not present in your screenshot :)

    also is your Gmail webpage the current open tab in your browser? try browsing to a different page and then try to replicate the issue again (i say this because if the current tab is already the gmail window - then yes the action of opening the Gmail page by clicking the email account - will seem to do nothing.

  • 1. Yes, it was reset and voice notification was set to the on (was too lazy to take screenshot, sorry)
    2. Gmail is not open in a tab
  • Are both your computer's Macs?

    ps. I tested in on a Mac here and it's also working - but just curious.
  • Yes, both macs. Maybe its just my setup. Lets see if anyone else reports the issue.
  • edited March 2014
    Ok, I found it, this might have been introduced with the latest Chrome version 33 update.
    This issue will be fixed in version 16.5 (not 16.3 because that one is already rolling out :)
    Thanks for all your help.
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