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Cannot download Checker PLUS for Google Calendar from your website (https://jasonsavard.com/)

Is it normal I can't download your extension/pluggin from your website ? I've already downloaded long time ago your extension: Checker PLUS for Gmail. I didn't try recently for your other extension. I'm on the last version of Chrome by the way ;-) Windows 7 64 bits. Thank your for your answer


  • What is the error, screenshot? Did you try from the Chrome Store?
  • There is no error. When we click on the button (To download/install it ), it just do nothing.
  • Also, when answering here (in the text field), no text is visible. We have to select All the text in the text field to see our text By the way, How can I post screenshot in the current thread ? Is there any button to upload images/pictures ?
  • Can you install my extensions from the Chrome Store? You can use the screenshot button just above the text here.
  • Sorry..From the chrome store, it works well.

    And I think I understand Why I can't see any text in this text field. I disactivated Ad Block extension and then I can see anything in the text field. Also, I can now see the button for screenshots, button I didn't see before with the Ad Block extension
  • I just tested the behavior in the main page (where we can download extensions) and of course, I can download extensions from your main page if I desactivate Ad Block extension on your page.
  • Which Ad Blocker extension are you using exactly? I will inform my users not to use that one.
  • I'm using "AdBlock" ad blocker. I guess "AdBlock Plus" will have the same behavior. However, people can select to not block anything on your domain pages. And then, they have not to disable or uninstall this ad blocker.
  • My assumption is if you're having several different issue on my site - then you most probably will experience them on other sites without knowing.
  • edited December 2016
    Yes, it's possible. But I think people can notice sometimes these issues... Sometimes, When I read an article on Internet, I can see that some pictures or sections are missing. And it looks not natural in the text, so I know that it's because of AdBlock. But it is not very common and it's not happening all the time. But for me, it's really a pleasure to not see ads on pages (too much ads on Internet these times) 
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