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extension forgets all my email accounts

First off,

i would like to thank you for making this gmail extension.
i am using few email accounts at once and it keeping me updated on the mails i'm receiving in any one of them.

now, my problem is this - too frequently the extension forgets all my email accounts and i need to re open every one of them for him to detect them.

is there any option to make him save the list of accounts with out me doing the above every time it happens?

thank you


  • How often is this issue happening?
  • at least once a week.
    once a week sound not that bad

    but still takes time to load up all account one by one.
  • So that is not normal - there is probably something causing your cookies to be reset or deleted or blocked (ie. other extensions, Chrome settings or manual cookie tampering etc) - refer to everything in this list http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Checker_Plus_for_Gmail#Auto-detecting_signed_in_accounts
  • cant tell you it work ok this morning, but then all email accounts disappeared from the extension.

    checked the list you sent, nothing has been done causing it to disappear.

    still Jason, isn't there a away to save the list to computer?
  • I can confirm that occasionally google will sign you out of your account, but not as frequent as once a week (more like once every 2 months)
    I am working on a solution to save the list but it requires me to find a bigger server host.
    • Note: I don't want to accept or remember your passwords, it could get complicated and I would open pandora's box to many other security issues so I leave this work up to Google
  • ok, thank you for the help
  • edited February 2014
    Last question,

    is it possible to export the accounts list into a file to be save locally and not on a server?
  • What kind of data would like to export?
    Just the account email addresses?
  • yes for 2 reasons.

    1. to import it to other computer ( Home / Work / Laptop.... )
    2. in cases such like i mentioned above.
  • Your extension options can be synced upon installing the extension on other devices.
    But even if you could export and import the accounts list, you would not automatically be signed into these accounts, because I do not save your passwords.
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