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Mind of it's Own

When I open compose from the browser icon, it starts off all white but before I have a chance to enter anything the compose window begins starting my default theme at the bottom of the window and creeps up until the whole thing is blocked out with my woodgrain theme and nothing else. Just a blank page with nothing on it. Then when I open my regular gmail I have a draft saved, with nothing entered of course. I have un-installed and re-installed, closed opened browser, all that. Also my notifications from the taskbar have turned all black with white letters.


  • For the compose issue, might have to send me a screenshot cause that sounds pretty weird, but first I would recommend clearing your browser cache (might be a Gmail issue)

    For the black notification issue, refer to this http://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/298#Item_2
    if that issues persists can you also send me a screenshot of it.
  • edited February 2014
    That's the way it ends up Jason, only takes about 2 seconds. Starts at the bottom of the page and "inches" upward until the entire compose window is covered with that^^ It also does this when I use "open from new tab"
  • edited February 2014
    I just changed the theme and it still does this from the compose button on the icon, any display option, but not from my regular gmail.
  • Did you try clearing the cache?
  • Yeah, I'm fairly tenacious when trying to figure stuff out. Before I ever contacted you I did all these things including the cache. The only thing I haven't done is clear all my cookies, cause it's a pain in ***. But looks like I'm gonna try that as well and see what happens. I know it's weird, you oughta see it happen. Started this about three days ago.
  • It should be noted that Chrome updated to version 33 a couple of days ago, it might have corrupted your profile - try the following ... http://jasonsavard.com/faq/Corrupt_browser_profile
  • OK. just cleared the cookie cache... still does it.
  • Jason I did everything under the sun including a brand new chrome install. Went to check, still doing it. HOWEVER!!!! Through a process of elimination with add-ons and extensions I discovered a relatively new app I had installed called "Signals" an email tracking app (from the Chrome Web Store) was the culprit. Disable it and all is well, enable it and the problem begins. So, I am sorry for the aggravation caused to both of us and wasting your time. Now it's just a matter of deciding how bad I want to track my email with that app. Toodles and thank you!!
  • No worries, at least this thead will be created to warn other users of that app :)
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