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New theme – Blue.

I think there was a blue theme in Checker Plus for Gmail, but since version, which I can't remember now which one, it was removed, I'm not sure why.

However, I tried to make nice blue theme for Checker Plus for Gmail and I think I did it :P Here's the code:

[main] core-toolbar, [main] paper-toolbar {background-color:transparent} [main], .mail  {background-color:honeydew} paper-icon-button {color:dodgerblue} paper-fab {background-color:dodgerblue}

Btw. I'm to sure where the first mentioned colour (taken from original green theme by you, Jason) in the code is used. Maybe you, Jason, know/remember?


  • edited December 2016
    Jeeez, formatting in your forum is so stupid, Jason :/

    Nevermind, forgot about my heavily configured content blocker (uBlock Origin) :P Stupid me.
  • can you send me a screenshot of the look, and perhaps i will add it to the collection.
  • Okay, I now know where the “honeydew” colour is setting when choosing green theme, so I modified the code a bit:

    [main] core-toolbar, [main] paper-toolbar {background-color:transparent} [main], .mail  {background-color:lightcyan} paper-icon-button {color:dodgerblue} paper-fab {background-color:dodgerblue}

    Where I need to send you the screenshot, Jason? Here in the forum or on your email?
  • I prefer right here in the forum for everyone to see.
  • Okay, however it's a bit edited to make sure that everyone understands everything :P

    Here's how it looks:
  • I've updated the theme, which is still basing on build-in Green theme. However, I had to copy all the code of Green theme and replace proper colours names (“honeydew” to “lightcyan” and “green” to “dodgerblue”), 'cause the background colour of unread emails wasn't transparent white, but like light cyan :|

    Here's the code:

    [main] paper-toolbar {background-color:transparent} [main], .mail  {background-color:lightcyan} paper-icon-button {color:dodgerblue} paper-fab {background-color:dodgerblue}

    .polymer2 paper-toolbar {background-color:transparent} [main], .mail  {background-color:lightcyan} paper-icon-button {color:dodgerblue} paper-fab {background-color:dodgerblue}
  • excellent, I just added this [Theme] Blue with the author name "Piter" :)
  • Thank you, Jason! :)

    However, I prefer to my forum nickname to be displayed as the author, but it's okay ;)
  • done, and it even points to your forum handle here now.
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