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Options dialogue not working when launched from the Extensions tab (chrome://extensions)

See screenshot below.
When launching the Options dialogue from the Extensions tab (chrome://extensions), the options can not be accessed due to the window not expanding to show the options. Same for launching Options from the Chrome toolbar.
- This works fine on the Checker Plus for Google Drive, so I belive it is not a Chrome issue.
The only way for me to access Options is to make a screenshot and access options through the gear button in the top menu there. 
(However; when running Material Design flags for Extensions and other Chrome OS features, this is a even bigger problem, as Options for extensions won't launch at all when pressing the gear button. I have sent feedback to Chrome about this separately.)


  • Does this small embedded options window happen for all the extensions you have installed? Can you reset all your Chrome flags and see if it still does this.
  • 1. No, options work as intended in all other extensions, including your 'Checker Plus for Drive'.
    2. Resetting all chrome flags to default helped. Now Options executed from chrome://extensions opens the options in a new tab instead. Not sure what flag triggered this embedded window. I already had the flag for 'Material Design Extensions Window' turned off.
  • Found the flag that enabled the embedded options in extensions, and caused the problem;
    Embedded extension options Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
    Display extension options as an embedded element in chrome://extensions rather than opening a new tab. #enable-embedded-extension-options
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